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I want to take my name/info off because I'm not offereing grinds anymore. Can you tell me how I go about this? Thanks!
Just re-enter your details with the same name, email and telephone number and leave the other fields blank. The system will detect your previous entry and overwrite it with blank data thus removing your services from display.

Who pays for the site ? How can it be free to both tutors and students ?
The website is funded entirely through advertisement. We earn a small commision on all products bought through links on the site. This is not alot but provided we continue to keep any overheads low, this is enough to ensure the long time survival of the site.

We also now accept small donations and if you feel that you have benefited from the site, we would be greatful if you give something back. Click on the button to your left. We accept all major credit and debit cards through the paypal website. Paypal is a widely respected and one of the biggest companies on the web. Money donated will be spent on improving the service.

I registered on the site a few months ago. I see that other tutors have their webpage on google and yahoo, but mine is not there. Why?
Yahoo!, Google and MSN normal only pick up and index a webpage when it is linked to from other sites. This is how they attach an importance to a particular page. Most of the tutors whose webpage you see indexed on search engines have at one time or another posted their details and a link to a their webpage to an internet discussion board, a notice board or another private website.

If I regisiter as a tutor, will I get spam?
Grinds Ireland is a completely open database and by its nature, anyone can take your email address from it and descide to send advertisements for untargeted commerical products commonly known as SPAM. We try to protect the email address of tutors in a number of ways. Firstly email addresses on our search pages is restricted to crawlers through both legal restrictions and requiring information to be generated. This means that crawlers which crawl the internet to compile huge email list cannot easily get your details. Secondly on your webpage we disguise your email address by substituting "(at) for @" and "(dot) for '.'" This is a common trick to again fool "SPAMERS", but by no means fail safe.

If you are very concerned about getting SPAM, you may descide to not register your email address in the database, but you should keep in mind that alot of students/parents like to contact potential tutors through email first before desciding to telephone them. You could descide to open a second email account. Many yahoo, hotmail and gmail accounts have developed excellent spam filtering systems.

What can I do to maximise the number of students I get from the site?

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