Note to Students/Parents:   The links below are designed to help you locate a tutor. We firmly believe that the website is the best place online to search for grinds. However if you've used it and failed to find a suitable tutor, perhaps some of our compeditors may have a tutor not currently registered with us. Start your search with the tutoring services below, if this again fails, try your local online bulletin or notice board. Many tutors like to post a free advertisment of their services there. Best of Luck with your search.

Note to Tutors/Teachers:   Below are some links which mite be of use to you in improving your online presence. We have always strongly reccommended that you should post your details to as many internet bulletin board and forums as possible. A good but incomplete list of them can be seen below. Please, please, please link back to your webpage. This is beneficial to both you and us. We have also provided a list of some of the compeditor tutoring services for Ireland. Some of these charge money, others do not. The below links are not paid listings and we are not affilated to external links. Use them at your own risk, but please share your experiences of them with us. If they are likely to be bad for our tutors, we would like to remove the link. Thank you!

Online Tutoring Services for Ireland

Know of any websites that should be listed here contact us

Grinds Ireland
The Grinds Ireland database of which this website uses. See the average cost of grinds in your county, statistics for the Junior and Leaving Certificates as well as lists of special needs, primary school and university tutors.

Irish Grinds
Free service dedicated to databasing as many of Ireland's private tutors as possible to make a simple to use reference for parents, teachers or students looking for help with their studies. Special sections for Junior/Leaving Cert and Third Level.

Grinds IE
New free tutoring service with primary, secondary and third level tutors. Students can search for a tutor by subject. Please share with us your experiences using this site.

Grinds World
Commerical tutor database for the junior cert, the leaving cert, third level and music in Ireland. Free membership until September 2006. Normal price 12.95/year. Please share with us your experiences of this site.

Find A Grind
Currently Inactive. Commerical Tutoring Services. Costs tutors 5.95 for each grind advertisement. Premium profile 9.95. Free to students. Primary and secondary schools, third level, music, languages and computer science. Please tell us of your experiences with this site.

Exam Grinds
Currently Inactive. Commerical Tutoring Service for the Leaving Certificate in the Greater Dublin area. Costs 10 for each tutor registered. Plans to become nationwide sortly. Please share your experience of using this site with us

All Grinds
Currently Inactive. Free service, much like a bulletin board that deals exclusively for people offering private tuition in Ireland. You can use a search function to find tutors rapidly. Please tell us of your experiences with this site.

Grinds UK tutors
Currently Inactive. Locate GCSE, O and A level, and third level tutors in England, Scotland and Wales. Completely free service to both students and tutors. Register your services and sit back and wait for tutors to contact you.

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