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Looking for a tutor, but have special requirements

Enter keywords for the type of tutor you are searching for into the google box below. Good keywords mite be your "location" plus "Autism" or "Primary" or "ABA tutor". A list for all the primary school and special needs tutors in the Grinds Ireland database may also be available from the website.


Warning: Just because a tutor mentioned their willingness to tutor persons with special needs, does not mean they are suitably qualified. You should careful check their qualifications and select a tutor with care. We at Grinds Ireland do not vet tutors, it is up to you to do so.

Are you a Primary School or Special Needs Tutor? Go to our registration form, fill in your contact details and make sure to mention your ability on the 'additional information' section. You can ignore the other sections. You will then be immediately included in the database along with some 500 other tutors across Ireland. Your name will appear on normally within an hour and you will be given your own private webpage. Its a great free way to get the parents of potential pupils to contact you.
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